Saturday, January 8, 2011


The Dojo Toolkit is an open source JavaScript and Ajax toolkit. Starting with a fast, lightweight, high-quality 25 KB Base, the Dojo Toolkit gives developers the key features they need to build great web apps: Ajax, Events, DOM, query, packages, animations, and more.
Using the Dojo Toolkit lets developers spend more time on features, usability, and design. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you get the accumulated knowledge and power of a toolkit with an active community and commercial support.

Current Activity

We actively contribute to just about every aspect of Dojo. We're involved with improving the grid widget, charting, 2D and 3D vector graphics, audio/video, JSON-RPC, data, and Adobe AIR integration.

Scratching the Surface

Dojo contains a solid Core that builds on Base, providing Drag-n-Drop, RPC, and many other additional extensions to the Base feature set.
Dijit provides flexible, accessible, internationalizable components for use within your application, and a foundation including data binding and validation for creating your own widgets. Components include trees, rich text editors, layout and form widgets, and much more.
DojoX is an experimental and community-drive code base where all new features begin. Key modules includes native vector graphics and charting, Dojo Offline, Comet support, additional widgets such as grids and image libraries, and many key extensions to Dojo Core.
Dojo also contains a set of utilities and tools for ease of development, including integrated Firebug/Firebug Lite support, Shrinksafe for compressing any JavaScript code, a build system and load-on-demand functionality giving you the best possible performance with applications of any size, DOH, a command-line and browser-based JavaScript unit-testing harness, and a documentation tool that generates documentation from JavaScript source for display within Drupal.

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